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2021, Found- Footage Animation, 2:25 Min., b&w, Dolby 5.1

Nico was a musician, a model, muse, actress: an icon who evaded descriptions, broke expectations, and cultivated a self-destructive lifestyle. Karin Fisslthaler’s homage dissects Nico’s image and puts it back together in broadly based audiovisual body collages. An exciting remix, a resounding portrait in incessant transformation. (Michelle Koch, Diagonale Film Festival)

Director: Karin Fisslthaler
Sound: Cherry Sunkist
Soundmix: Oliver Brunbauer
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Screening Format:  DCP, 4:3, b&w/5.1
supported by: Federal Ministry of Austria, Otto Mauer Fonds, Forum der Kunstuniversität Linz, Land Salzburg Kultur

*WOMEN (Nico), (excerpt, 30sec.)


2023 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan (US)
2023 Filmfest Dresden (GER)
2023 Sotto Le Stelle Dell`Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum Rome (IT)
2022 Best Austrian Animation Festival (*Award for best Music/Sound)
2022 Underdox, Munich (GER)
2022 Animaphix, Palermo (IT)
2022 Diagonale, Graz (AT)
2022 Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Linz (AT)