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2010/11, Experimental Film, 22:36 Min., b&w/colour, stereo

18 one-minute portraits of women, individually defamiliarized by filter, compression, and expansion. An optical game of revealing and concealing is carried out on a metaphorical level. Every chapter receives equal devotion, no matter whether film star, friend, or mother. With live networks of sound improvised by Kurz/Sunkist, a rather personal overall image gradually emerges: the 18 portraits turn into 19, as the content-related selection ultimately refers back to the filmmaker herself. (Sebastian Höglinger)

Director: Karin Fisslthaler
Sound: Andreas Kurz & Karin Fisslthaler
Mastering: Oliver Brunbauer
Production Format: Super8, Mini DV, Quicktime Movie
Screening Format: HD- Video, 4:3, b&w/colour, stereo
supported by: Federal Ministry of Austria, Land Oberösterreich Kultur