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2017, Experimental Film, 10:40 Min., colour/stereo

A remix from the media fund on Lewis Carroll’s „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“: Karin Fisslthaler’s collage of illustrations, photos, comics, computer games, and feature films, and also associative text fragments generates a new “Alice” work that reflects on the playful manner of the constants in the tale, as well as its means of communication: transformation in space and time. (Diagonale, Graz)

„Alice Remixed“ is a video-collage, dealing with Alice in Wonderland as a media historical construction. From her beginning as a real existing person and as the protagonist of Lewis Caroll`s novel, she was passed on and transformed until now. She appears in almost every medium, -ranging from drawing, photography, silent movies, computer games, animation, TV- series, movie blockbusters. The essayistic experimental movie portraits her transformation and mirroring. In between the pictures, text fragments from the original book mix with quotes by philosopher Michel Foucault and his thoughts on the „Utopian Body“ and „Heterotopias“. (Karin Fisslthaler)

Director: Karin Fisslthaler
Sound: Cherry Sunkist
Soundmix & Mastering: Oliver Brunbauer
Screening Format: DCP, Cinemascope, colour/stereo
Installation Format: 2 x 1440×1080
Commissioned by: OÖ Kulturquartier

Alice Remixed, (excerpt, 30sec.)

Screenings & Exhibitions:

2019 Frauenfilmfest, Dortmund (DE)
2018 Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg (DE)
2018 Diagonale, Graz (AT)
2018 Crossing Europe Filmfestival/ Local Artists, Linz (AT)
2017 ALICE TWISTED WORLD Group Exhibition,OK Center Linz (AT)