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2013, Found- Footage Film, Vertical Cinema Installation,
05:20 Min., colour/stereo

A 90-degree portrait- format projection of Alfred Hitchcocks`s Vertigo is subjected to visual analysis in the absence of any voice-over. The narrative motives for the repetition, doubling up and circular movement of Vertigo are formally converted into the unspoken film language of glances and facial expressions of the actors, and circulated on an endless loop as a vertical, split screen projection in the offscreen area of the cinema. Height, perspective and gaze are indicated only through the eyes of the characters and create an overall architecture of foreboding, while the tower remains imaginary throughout. This is also reflected at the audio level of the video work, which is based on fragments from Vertigo that have likewise undergone a transformation. The burning issue of Vertigo is gender constructs: the transformation, duplication and resurections that Kim Novak – as Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton – has to undergo many times over. The Tower of Babel phenomenon of speaking in tongues has been converted into the visual language of film, conveying meaning solely through emotions and glances. (OK Books, Thrill of the Heights.3, 2013)

Director: Karin Fisslthaler
Sound: Karin Fisslthaler
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Production Format: HD- Video
Screening Format: HD- Video, 16:9 vertical, color/stereo
commissioned by: OÖ Kulturquartier

Related Exhibition:
Thrill of Heights 3
Group Exhibition, OK Center Linz, 2013