Electronic Music Solo Project since 2003
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Nov.1, 2023, Cherry Sunkist live, Gallery Nocte, Opening of Biennale da l´Image Tangible, Paris

2023 Gürtelnightwalk, VALIE EXPORT Kubus, VIenna (AT); Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch, Ateliertheater, Vienna; bancpublic Vienna (DJ-Set); 30 Years IFK Vienna (DJ Set)
Art Opening, IFK Vienna (AT); Ars Electronica Sound Campus, University of Arts Linz (AT); Theatre Nestroyhof (private party), Vienna (AT);
2021: Echoraum, Vienna; Kultursommer, Vienna; ESC im Labor Graz; Galleria CULT, Alghero;
2020: Stadtwerkstatt, Linz; Alter Schlachthof, Wels; Hommage to VALIE EXPORT, LENTOS Art Museum Linz
2019: Fluc, Vienna;
2018: Dunkelkammer, Forum Stadtpark Graz; Fotohof Salzburg; Galerie 5020, Salzburg; Hotel Pupik, Schrattenberg (DJ Set); Sommerszene Salzburg/ Republic (DJ Set); Cool V Plotě Festival, Pisek; Singlesalon, Monatsschlössel Salzburg;
2017: The Bolaño Project by notfoundyet (Kasebacher/Fabre), WUK Wien
2016: The Bolaño Project by notfoundyet (Kasebacher/Fabre), Spinnerei Leipzig;
Singlesalon, Volkskundemuseum, Wien
2014: Posthof Linz w/a Tina Frank, Neneh Cherry; Salon Skug #100, rhiz Wien; Madame Claude, Berlin
2013: Viennale Cinema Sessions, Metrokino Wien; Forum Stadtpark Graz; Reheat Festival, Nickelsdorf; 10 Jahre LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz w/a Tina Frank, Gustav, Michaela Melian; Menza Pri Koritu, Ljubljana
2012: Neue Galerie Innsbruck; Reitschule Bern; BAWAG Contemporary Vienna; Desi,Nürnberg;
2011: Liquid Loft Studio, Wien; Brut im Künstlerhaus, Wien; Mittwochs Exakt, Postgarage Graz; Waves Festival Wien; Elevate, Postgarage Graz; Spielboden Dornbirn; Arge Salzburg; Ausland Berlin; K4 Nürnberg; Ars Electronica Nightline STWST Linz; Ottensheim Open Air; Popfest Vienna;
2010: Amann Studios, Vienna; WUK Wien; Ladyfest, Glockenbachwerkstatt, München
2008: FM4 Soundpark Clash, WUK; FM4 Bühne, Donauinselfest Wien; Frauencafe, Wien; Bockmas Festival; Festival des politischen Liedes, Attersee; Jazzit Salzburg w/a Gustav; Posthof Linz; rhiz Wien, w/a chra
2006: Rampenfiberfestival Fluc Vienna; Independent-Unplugged, Viertelfest NÖ; Wiener Festwochen; Schlachthof, Wels; OK Centrum, Linz -Crossing Europe Nightline; Rote Sonne, München; EKH Wien; K4 Nürnberg; Sonntag Abstrakt, Postgarage, Graz

Cherry Sunkist started her solo music career in 2003 when she was already active in the field of video art. She produces with laptop, drum computers, synthesizers, E-guitar and her voice. She released her debut OK Universe in 2007, followed by a self-titled EP in 2010 and her second album Projection Screens on the queer/feminist label „comfortzone“. Her pieces have been released on various Samplers (e.g. FM4 Soundselection, Chicks on Speed Records-Sampler Girl Monster or chra: “Ghost – Remixes”/Editions Mego). She produces for performance & theater pieces and her own video works.

Cherry Sunkist creates her very own, incomparable version of experimental pop-music out of a vast variety of styles and musical elements, that, because of their avant-garde nature, are never in danger of getting stuck in the superficial. Her multifaceted pieces move freely between New Wave, sound collages and catchy partly punk-inspired vocals.

  • WE CASCADE [Soundmix for the Video Work by Johanna Bruckner, Tina Frank, Claudia Rohrmoser, Dagmar Schürrer], Ars Electronica Linz, 2023
    [Gerhard Potuznik & Cherry Sunkist (Vocals)]
  • KURZ / SUNKIST [Andreas Kurz & Cherry Sunkist (Live A/V & Filmsounds)]
  • Durchbruch & Cherry Sunkist (DJ- Duo)
  • BBBB#1 [Christina Nemec & Cherry Sunkist (DJ/Live Show)]


Cherry Sunkist – „OK UNIVERSE“,
CD & LP (22.Jahrhundertfuchs), 2007

1. What I want – Why do I even ask ?
2. Cake
3. I don’t know who you are
4. Age Delay (nuit)
5. Nameless Dogs
6. Hello
7. Energy
8. One, Two, Three, Four
9. Control
10. To Please You
11. People don’t belong to people

written, produced & performed by Cherry Sunkist/ Karin Fisslthaler (*except 5: lyrics by Washer & Cherry Sunkist), Voicerecording: Oliver Brunbauer (except 1, 5, 6, 8: Cherry Sunkist, 3: Washer),  Mix: Oliver Brunbauer/ feedbackstudio2/ Vienna, Mastering: Martin Siewert, Artwork: Karin Fisslthaler/ Photos: Bernd Oppl, Year: 2007

Cherry Sunkist – „EP“
(comfortzone/Trost), 2010

1. I`ve locked my heart
2. Glass

1. Normalized
2. I`ve locked my heart (Steak Remix)
3. Normalized (Horace Remix)

written, produced & performed by Cherry Sunkist/ Karin Fisslthaler, Steak Remix: addition Lyrics written & recorded by Sarah Bogner, Voicerecording & Mix: Oliver Brunbauer/ feedbackstudio2/ Vienna, Mastering: Martin Siewert, Artwork: Dietmar Brehm, Year: 2010

Cherry Sunkist – „Projection Screens“,
CD & LP (comfortzone records/Trost), 2011

1. Body
2. She
3. Old Parts
4. Dog/Doll
5. Weeping over my Ideals
6. Normalized
7. Glass
8.Projection Screens
9. Goodbye

written, produced, recorded & performed by Cherry Sunkist/ Karin Fisslthaler (*except 6,7, Voicerecording: Oliver Brunbauer), Mix: Oliver Brunbauer/ feedbackstudio2/ Vienna, Mastering: Martin Siewert, Artwork: Dietmar Brehm, Year: 2011


V.A. „Girl Monster“, Tripple-CD (Chicks on Speed Records/Indigo), 2006

V.A. „Too Much, Too Fast, Too True, Too Slow“, CD (True Call), 2007

V.A. “Damn” – Freistil Samplerin, CD (chmafu nocords), 2011

V.A. „Re:composed“ – ArbeiterInnenlieder & Songs zu Frauenrechte und -kämpfe, Doppel CD (MA57 Wien), 2012

V.A. “Crystallized”,CD (comfortzone records/ Trost), 2013

Thomas Hörl “Matthias” (Remixed by Das em & Cherry Sunkist), 7inch Vinyl, 2015